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Guedelon :

An extraordinary challenge out of the course of time : a medieval fortified castle is currently builting, with the Middle Ages' technics of building.
The Guedelon's site, situated about 15 minutes of the gîte, rises in the middle of the Puisaye's forests.

Saint-Fargeau :

    The Saint-Fargeau's Castle and its show 'sound and lights'
redraw 1000 years of history.

The ancient farm...

The sound's museum is the most large in Europe.

Saint-Amand :


Pottery's museum of Puisaye
at the Saint-Amand's Castle.

In this potter's city from time immemorial, two ancient rehabilitated potteries are absolutely to be visited...

Saint sauveur :

    Saint sauveur, the Colette's country

The Castle, place of memorial, contains her Museum.

Saint-privé :

    Before returning in Saint-Privé
don't miss the frescoes of Moutiers.

The Popular arts' Museum in Laduz
The Fabuloserie in Dicy
The Faïencerie in Villiers Saint-Benoît

The Natural reserve in Boutissaint
Many ponds
The Stretch of water in Saint-Fargeau
Sail, fishing, bathing.

Saint-Privé, where lived the painter Harpigny (1819-1916)
is located on the road of the Bourgogne's Castles.

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